The Ungovernable Government

To have freedom, democracy cannot be served by oppressors.Najib and Hishammudin are never part of the common rakyat. they are the descendants of the malay nobility, the not quite royalty. For ages their family had consolidated powers. Be it pre-merdeka or post-merdeka. Don’t be fooled by their talk of greater democracy for the good of the general public. They are doing it for their family and the rakyat are just pawns.

Historically umno’s leaders are from the ruling elite, the MCA leaders are big towkays and MIC are from the clerical/mandores class. Noticed the parallelism? They are agents and tools of oppression..

Do you ever wonder why quite recently the rakyat gained a few steps forward in greater democracy, some members of from a ruling royal family steps in to nullify the progress. They have learned their lessons well; the fall of the Bastille, the Bolshevik’s revolution, the Philippines people revolution and recently the Arabs spring. These events are all catastrophic and they have everything to lose. For them it is survivability first, losing power is equivalent to being torn to pieces (literally). The ruling class would do everything (even democracy) to maintain their grip on power.

To have freedom, democracy cannot be served by oppressors. Today we have in our midst, wolves in sheep clothing. Many of those sitting in their parliamentarian seats are not fighting for the rakyat. They are in reality the rulings elites and their wannabe, fighting to for their own creed’s advantage. Enacting laws that served no one but their own interest. Perhaps the 5th of November is the only solution…