A comment to Razaleigh.com

On the 20th of February 2009, I posted a comment on razaleigh.com, at that time I was feeling desperate and seething with anger. here goes with some grammatical correction (what do you expect… a grammatically correct mad man?… sheesh)

dear tengku,

i am a teacher, a malay teacher to be precise. I become a teacher because i admired how teachers are the one who raise the spirit of independence from its cradle the revered maktab perguruan sultan idris. but lately the political scenario in our beloved country has left me in a quandary. i almost feel no sense of patriotism as if patriotism is a shameful feeling. I have been blessed with 5 kids, the eldest being 12 years old. i am so ashamed of country that i could not tell my children that the rukun negara is sacred. Once upon a time, i believed in the rukun negara but now it rang so hollow. when i look around, what i saw are opportunist acting like leaders, bumpkin who think they are teachers, zealots who walk as self-ordained prophets, thugs who are employed as police, plagiarist hailed as sage, judges intentionally manipulated the scale, the kings who failed their subject.

What should i tell my children about our country ( refused to add the prefix “great” to it). Where the rule of law is but an empty slogan. If the government could itself not respect the law then the only chance for the rakyat is a great social upheaval. It may not be bloodless but if that does the job why not. it is a disgrace to live the live of cowardice. i am a very peaceful man but i am seething with anger now. Our country is a farce. Please Tengku, wakeup! our children future are at stake.

This is not about from which political divide you are from. I think malaysia is at a turning point. Do you envision the best for this country. If the answer is yes, wake up. If not stay in your white palace or the bungalow u call home and watch the country burn. The signs are all around cant you see?

As for my kids, i pray that that they will never live to see people like our present leaders (sic) thrive like the lice that they really are.


Namewee has named us.

A lot of broohaha has gone around about this topic. (Watch the vid with English sub). Some in the government potrayed this as an act of treason. I doubt it. Some well to do bloggers has attached political motivation on how the government responded to the issue… well what do you expect from political beasts (political shit). I read through almost all the response from malaysia-today and found myriads of viewpoints from the comments posted. Kudos to RPK for giving space for many dissenting views, however does all this fingertips responses really address the issue?

As I am a teacher, not a politician therefore i refused to comment this from a political point of view. I notice that part of the angst Namewee show on his video is stemming from his inability to gain admission into a local university. If I’m not mistaken Universiti Malaya. Thus he was forced to further his study in Taiwan and earned his fee living as a busker. Judging from the quality of his work (the are some more on youtube), he is quite a talented and intelligent Malaysian. He deserved a place in our local university and a study loan. We must not discriminate people based on races. One do qualify for a position or opportunity because of one’s capability not because of one’s religion/sex/race. What sort of curriculum are the Ministry of Education trying to push at school? Is it one based on bigotry, prejudice and fascism?

I cannot prophesied the future but my bloodline is malay (for now}. What if my son marry a chinese girl and his son also marry a non-malay. So what is in store in the future for my great grandchildren. Will they be discriminated in school? So go to hell with those fascist politicians. We should aim for equal education opportunity for all. If you want to hang yourself with racial politics, go live in Israel and suffer the fate of  the goyim. You will know what it is like to be a second class citizen.

Are we losing the country?

I am the law

We the rakyat need the Raja-Raja Melayu to have compassion for our just cause. If this present political corruption issue continues unresolved, you would lose the affection of your subject, we would lose the respect of the world and someday in a not too distant future we may lose the country too.

Do any of Malaysia’s royal families has the conscience to help the rakyat and maintain their dignity in our eyes? The Raja-Raja Melayu should also have moral obligation towards the rakyat. After all they are the so called “payung rakyat”, just dont be lulled to sleep by the luxury spread out to you by the ruling party. This is the way the British used in time memorial to remove you from power. If the Raja’s choose to ignore the people plight and bathe yourself in the ever corrupting luxury. Then the rakyat’s loyalty would someday be something the Raja’s can’t afford.

This year we celebrate our 50th merdeka, so if my calculation is correct most of the present day chinese and indian are at least the second generation. If you count in those imported by the British in the 1800s some are now the fourth generation. So is it right to question their loyalty and prevent them equal rights and privileges. We have witnessed how after 50 years of merdeka, the chinese have began to feel disenfranchise (namewee issue). One of the issue raised is the difficulty for local university entrance even for our bright student of non-bumiputera race.

Do not fear of the Malays losing the hold of the country if UMNO is ever rejected. We are malays because of the Raja Melayu to whom we swear allegiance to. Your subject are no longer just the malays. And I guess that during the height of Melaka Empire, many were of different races too. Even some of our royal family members are involved in or from interracial marriages. So does it lessen your self worth by accepting equal rights and opportunities to the races other than the bumiputeras.

Malay do not have to oppress other races for superiority. We must gain dignity and earn respect by the magnanimity of our action. It is a sad day when I witnessed how UMNO has turn out to be a Fascist like party. Extreme sloganeering and racial prejudice are the rule of the day. We dont need a blood soak keris to remind us of our race. UMNO is now reduced to thuggery with immoral thugs threatening the voice of reason be it from the parliament or from the lay person. The rakyat cannot question them (i.e.kastam issue), it seem that they are the new royal family. They have taken the luster out from our kings and queens. They possess immunity from the through skulduggery from the office of the Attorney General.

Lately it was revealed that the judiciary is also tainted. The rape on the judiciary should not be taken lightly. By right it is the monarch who is the supreme and final arbiter in any dispute. Therefore the judiciary represent the just of the monarch in the court of law. If the judiciary is compromised, does this mean that the monarchy is also compromised? Those who destroyed the sanctity of the judiciary should be tried for treason. But if the judiciary itself is on trial who will be the judge?

Perhaps the armed forces should take temporary command of the country to preserve the dignity of the king and country. I am confident that some top brass in the army command centre are waiting for the Rajas to give the nod for a takeover to save our beloved nation. Do we have our own Gen.Sonthi Boonyaratglin. If the situation worsens do we need a strong leadership with guns and guts? I envy Thailand, which have a strong king and a dutiful General.

Hello world!

Well I have to do something, right. I have been reading all those so call blogs that are mostly political in nature. Most of them are filled to the brim with criticism about injustice and corruption in Malaysia. Not withstanding the barbed comments from readers eager to add their two cent worth whether to offer a piece of their mind or just to add fuel the fire. All is fine in proving that it it still safe to think aloud malaysia. However all the reading make me realise that what lack in Malaysia is what I shall coin ” Positive Social Activism”. Continue reading