Grass-roots Hockey in Malaysia, Uprooted?

where to malaysian-hockey

where to, Malaysian hockey?

I admire Lawrence Van Huizen. Remembered him as the old white bearded man with a walking stick looking like “father time”. Standing at the side-line, intensely observing youngsters in an intra-school hockey game at the NS padang. This was back then in the 80’s. I was playing that time. He gave a lot for the sport that he loves, so I dedicate this long winded blah-blah as a tribute to him.

Hockey should be brought down to the grassroots level again. Elitism has no place in sports. Look at the hockey scene in our secondary school today, many schools dont have a proper hockey field, let alone a proper hockey team. Hockey is not soccer, not a game which they learn to play in front of their kampung houses, let alone under the high-rise residential flats/apartment blocks. Hockey needs proper coaching during school time on the school hockey field. It needed special equipments which cost beyond most schools could afford. It needed trained hockey teachers/coaches not just stand-in coach who never played the game in their life. The ministry of education must make it compulsory for schools to have a hockey team. Hockey is the only team-sports that we at least can say we are world contenders (soccer??–come on get real).

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