My perception to the struggle for a better Malaysia (if it is still worthwhile).

We need to change how this country is being run. We must show to the politician that we are sick of them. This problem that we face today, we inherit them from our nation’s forefathers. We have the responsibility not to pass that baggage to our children. To have or to be perceived to have different level of citizenship is a no go for an honest real nation building. It is more than enough that we are segregated by the ever widening standard of living but to exacerbate it by racial profiling is suicide. We cannot delay assimilating our various ethnics into a singular national identity that are based on our shared aspiration not on our past histories of disparateness. Religion should be kept as a personal conviction not as a insurmountable wall that divides us. Communal and cultural issues should be dealt on a communal stage not on a platform as national agendas. The issue of poverty should be solved as an socio-economic issue not as a racial-political division. We are “the people” who are proud enough to state our independence in declaring that we are not “your people” who you could manipulate or annihilate. We see through you and we understood your agenda well enough to reject both.

The rights of citizens to free speech, free assembly, free association and free determination should be guaranteed as part of our struggle in the pursuit of happiness. How could they push the flag onto our hands, forced a smile to our face with the slogan 1Malaysia but in deceit tried to divide us according to compartmentalised racism for easy political manipulation and ripe for economic plundering. Do you expect us to suffer in silence? We should by now be burning them at the stake.Don’t label this a political propaganda, this is a call from a citizen to other like minded citizens. Neither the government nor their parties should dictate the citizen, the citizens should dictate the government. The might of the majority shall not injure the rights of the minority. We are strongest only by our weakest link. The distrust we have upon others not quite the same as us whether because colours, religions or even past conflicts, should not be carried over beyond 1957. That is, if 1957 really have a significant meaning to us. Let us not prolong the quarrel (13th May1965) that started when we (Malaysia) were infants. It is getting ridiculous, what used to be fighting over mother’s milk has begun turning slowly into killing spree, a fight for economic left-overs.Most of the civil-minded “2nd class” citizens (by birth not by wealth) look on our so called “social contract” like a piece of agreement that your ancestors once failed to read the fine prints before tendering their signature. In essence, somewhere in history they have been conned into a deal that they later regret. Everyday it make their stomach turned in revulsion and then later make them turned in their graves. The worst part is now, when the conmen keep waving that piece of “contract” at your face and shouting they owned you. Face the fact: you have been had, it’s a con job.

Why did our forefathers signed into these lopsided agreement? Let me get this straight once and for all. They are not our forefathers; no sane father would sacrifice the future of their children. We have had enough of fathers who preyed on their off-springs, but to have this sort of relationship on a national level for 54 years is beyond comprehension. Those “forefathers” who signed the “social contract” are they not yours and mine? They maybe of the same ethnic background as you but belonging to a higher strata of society (hmm.. class war all over again?). They are the ones cunning enough to realise, that they would be the new Master. The so called majority was easy to con, put the Feudal lords as the mantle piece and all the minions will roll on their belly, others does not have the privilege of a return ticket to where home once was and they are slavishly bound to their mandore class supervisions. Those enterprising business owners joined because of economic advantages dragging along their once imported old country workforce. Any attempt at real nation building is being shooed away to the jungle during the Emergency years as traitorous insurgents who could expose and threaten “their” economic expediences.

By now, any right thinking person would go and try to change or nullify the agreement. Some bought back the liberties for themselves and their children. You could by financial means afford to; rise to their top economic strata, become one of the haves and joining their club. By then you have become part of the problem, no longer part of the solution. You should not be buying your liberties, it almost the same as joining the conmen association. For god sake, you should be fighting for your liberties. It is time to not only to demand changes in this destructive relationship but this time we must force the changes. We owe this to our future generation.

rizalhanafi yusof
p.s.: should this be translated into malay?


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