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Well I love to shock the old dear Tengku Razaleigh. I only hoped to awaken him from his hermit like slumber. I love his intellect but I despise his inactivity.  He is in my opinion a man of great integrity but he is quite detached from the reality of his party UMNO. Well what would I expect, aloofness come as a package. Would me suggesting him to be Nero shock him or me suggesting that there is no more Malaysia as we know her awaken him. Hey, I could only try well here goes my diatribe:

Dear Tengku,

The Malaysia as we have define her through the constitution is no more. She is dead, the spoil from her demise is now being ripped to pieces by the party of fascist named UMNO.

Rome is now burning and Nero is furiously fiddling. What a great week that demand every reporters and bloggers in this land to fill the fountain of their pen. The raven perched on wall of the graveyard with a twinkle in its eyes.

These are the days that one would acclaim that everyone is for himself. Forget the momentous date of 31st August 1957, It is just another date to remember that here once existed a promising nation but destroyed by avarice and corruption of its leaders.

Now it is a time to establish a new one, a nation based on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. When the present government itself does not accept the present constitution as a whole, then the constitution ceases to be a supreme legal document. It has been reduced to become just a historical document. Thus the Malaysia we once knew ceases to exist because the constitution which is the very foundation has just been thrown in the dustbin.

A new constitution must be drafted so a new nation that the rakyat aspire could be scavenged from the ashes of what was once Malaysia. Now i could confidently wish that the flame need to burn more higher. Fire is a great cleanser, it would burn to tinder those impostors that parade in front of us like leaders but only have greed as their guidance. After these trial by fire only then could the phoenix rise from the ashes. These phoenix would be the men who should lead the new nation. And by the grace of God Almighty, rain would then fall and wash the ashes and traces of our humiliation away. This would save future generation of the nightmare that we call Malaysia.

Make no mistake Tengku, this is indeed a call for a revolution. Too long has we been too gleefully proud of our “independence through diplomacy” crap, there is no glory without struggle, there is no rebirth without death, and there is no death without bloodshed.

War and peace is just two side of the same coin. War will cause a great social upheaval. Our father generation who live through the worldwar are those could understood the real meaning of peace. We are too desensitize to appreciate peace, we laughed when the plane hit the south tower of world trade center in New York. We applaud those heroic character from western movies who are the the survivor of a carnage that walk away from the destruction without even having a thought for those hundreds that lay dead through out the previous scene. Perhaps a little bloodshed on our front lawn would the trick to awaken us of the reality of war. But war is really a necessity, it would make us realise the meaning of peace.

The memory of war and carnage would make us appreciate the “the rule of law” when expediency call for the disregard of it. War is the great equalizer, it make us human because it reminds us of death. How could we disregard the importance of war when larger part of the human history is about war and conquest.

So Tengku, would you be kindly enough to be our Nero, because the future phoenix is waiting to be reborn from the ashes.

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